About Me


Pleased to meet you! My name is Nile Camai, and I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Washington.

Why CS?

I love the potential that computing has to positively impact the lives of others. All it takes is one great idea to make waves as a software developer. I hope that the fusion of logical and creative thinking that defines computer science can spark interest in others, too!

What has Nile been working on?

These past two summers, I've interned at Google!

During summer 2022, I was a Software Engineer intern under the Ads team in Mountain View, CA, helping migrate an Ads review tool to a new frontend stack. At my previous summer 2021 remote internship for the Payments team, I built a fully-featured component for an internal web catalog.

As a previous member of Advanced Robotics at the University of Washington, a student organization at my school that participates in the DJI RoboMaster University League, I developed main control board code that competition robots use to compete against other teams as well as contributed to an open-source library named taproot which helps other teams easily bootstrap a working robot.

I was also a teaching assistant at UW for CSE 332: Data Structures and Parallelism in Winter/Spring 2022, CSE 143: Computer Programming II in Spring 2021, and CSE 142: Computer Programming I in Winter 2021.

What else is Nile up to?

When I'm not coding, I love to sleep. Other things I enjoy include cooking, bouldering, and gaming. Fashion and mechanical keyboards are probably my most expensive hobbies at the moment. I like trying new things, seeking discomfort, and making the most out of life.

Feel free to connect through the links at the bottom of my website!

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